Sink Drain Cleaning From Clean out

If you would like to try using a plunger to unstop your sink we have Do It Yourself tips that may help you using a plunger. You can find a link in the image carousel below.  We are happy to unstop your kitchen sink or your bathroom lavatories for you. We also do Shower and Bathtub drain cleaning.

Sink Drain Cleaning With Chemicals

We do not recommend using any chemicals in your drains. Most of the time these chemicals wont work and if you have older cast iron drains it can rot out the bottom of the pipes. We recommend letting us run our drain cleaning augers through the pipes.

AC Condensate Drain Cleaning

We also can clean out your AC Condensate 3/4 pipe if it seems to be not draining. If the trap that the condensate line drains into is stopped up we can clear that for you too.