How often should I replace my RO Quick Change Filters?2020-07-12T07:13:07-06:00

We can replace your filters for you, we keep them in stock.

Replacement Schedule:

1st vessel: sediment filter – every 6 months

2nd vessel: carbon filter – every 6 months

3rd vessel: membrane – every 3 years

4th vessel: carbon filter – every 12 months

What type of Reverse Osmosis Systems do we work on?2020-07-12T07:13:50-06:00

We service, sell and install the Pura Quick Change Reverse Osmosis system.

The Pura Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System combines sediment and carbon filtration with reverse osmosis technology for effective water treatment under your sink. Reduces chlorine, lead, pesticides, nitrates, fluoride, Chromium 6, VOCs, arsenic, cysts and many other contaminants for great-tasting water right at your tap.

Reverse Osmosis is also the only treatment technology known to reduce pharmaceuticals from drinking water. Although many point of use devices contain activated carbon, the carbon membrane does not remain in contact with water long enough to sufficiently reduce pharmaceutical remnants.

We also recommend pairing your RO with a Calcite filter. The calcite slowly dissolves into water, adding minerals back to the water and raises the pH. Our in-house tests showed water that post-RO filtration had a pH of 6.4 and after passing through the pH Neutralizing Post Filter, raised the pH to 7.6 creating refreshing, delicious, healthful water.

What is the difference between Plumb Handy and other Plumbing Companies?2020-07-12T07:14:17-06:00

We specialize in small handyman type plumbing repairs which can save you money from plumbing company’s which focus on looking for larger projects.

What are our hours of operation?2020-07-12T07:14:24-06:00

We are available Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and some weekends.

What areas do we service?2020-07-12T16:24:18-06:00

We service Draper Utah, Sandy Utah, Riverton Utah, Bluffdale Utah, Lehi Utah and American Fork Utah in Salt Lake and Utah County areas.

Do we work weekends?2020-07-12T07:14:36-06:00

We do work on weekends sometimes by appointment.

Does Plumb Handy Do Remodeling?2020-07-12T07:14:41-06:00

Yes, if you need all your plumbing fixtures changed out we are glad to do that for you. We do not do new additions. If you have a project you would like to discuss call the number below or fill out the free quote form.

Does Plumb Handy do all types of Plumbing Projects?2020-07-12T07:14:47-06:00

We do all plumbing projects related to what is listed on our services page. If you have a Plumbing Repair Project you would like to discuss call 801-688-0860 or fill out the Free Quote form below.

How much do we charge?2020-07-12T07:14:53-06:00

We try to keep our prices as low as possible giving you the best service at a reasonable rate.

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