Sink Drain Cleaning

Sink Drain Cleaning From Clean out If you would like to try using a plunger to unstop your sink we have Do It Yourself tips that may help you using a plunger. You can find a link in the image carousel below.  We are happy to unstop your kitchen sink or your bathroom lavatories [...]

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Ice Maker Leaks

Ice Maker Leaks Repairs We can repair or replace the line that goes to your ice maker. We do not work on Ice Makers or Refrigerators. Sometimes these lines are routed to underneath the kitchen sink so that the are accessible if you have a Reverse Osmosis system installed. We install these RO systems; [...]

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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals Installs We are happy to install or repair your Garbage Disposal. If you are a Do It Yourself person we have D.I.Y tips that may help you fix your disposal and also on how to keep it and your kitchen drains clean. You can find the D.I.Y link in the image carousel [...]

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Quick Change Reverse Osmosis

Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Systems There are many Reverse Osmosis Systems on the market today. We prefer the Pura Quick Change RO systems. These systems provide exceptional water quality and the Quick Connect filters make this system easy to change filters for maintenance. Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Installs We prefer to use existing holes [...]

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Outdoor Hydrants

2 Corinthians 1:20 Outdoor Hydrants Repair A small drip on an outside hydrant not only wastes water but can cause higher utility bills. We can sometimes rebuild the outside hydrant or we may have to replace the faucet. Replacing Outdoor Hydrants A common problem we run into when replacing outdoor hydrants is they were [...]

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Leaks Under Sinks

Leaks Under Sinks Repairs When you see a drain leaking under your sink it can be from metal pipes corroding or just lose fittings. We can repair or replace the drains under your sink and fix any leaking pipes you may have. Leak Under Sinks on Supply Lines If you have a leak on [...]

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Faucet Replace

New Faucet Replace When you have a leaking faucet sometimes we can rebuild the faucet and it is as good as new. If the finish is starting to wear on the faucet or you see lots of corrosion it may be time for a new faucet. If you are wanting to save money we [...]

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Drippy Faucets

Drippy Faucets Repairs We specialize in repairing drippy faucets on Kitchen Sinks, Bathroom Lavatories or tub and showers. Most of the time we can get that old faucet working like new again. If it is a specialty faucet we may can order pats for it if they are not in the local supply houses. [...]

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Toilet Rebuild

Toilet Rebuild Specialist We specialize in repairing leaking toilets. Leaking Toilets can use a lot of water and cause high water bills. Sometimes we can replace the working components in the toilet. If the toilet is really old it can be more cost effective to replace the toilet.  Please give us a call and [...]

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Toilet Replace

Toilet Replacement is Sometimes Best Solution When you hear knocking noises from an older toilet or having problems with it flushing it is sometimes more cost effective to replace the toilet with a new one than try to rebuild the toilet. You can go to Home Depot or Lowes and pick out the toilet [...]

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Toilet Stoppages

Toilet Stoppages D.I.Y We know that repair problems are common to every home needing residential plumbing repair. If you need do it yourself tips for plumbing repair diy, we have plumbing guide articles that will help you with your D.I.Y. like using a plunger. If you need assistance, we're happy to help, please don't [...]

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